Frau Ke was recorded in 2014/15 

The physical CD contains 16 songs. + 2 additional. For the download you have only 15 songs.


Martin Jourdan; Congas, Bongos, Percussion,Keyboard, Voice

Dmitry Smirnov: Violin

Michael Distelmann: Upright Bass

Dieter Keßler: Shakuhachi

Nalid Fital: Kurdish Singing

Mixing and Mastering: Michael Jockel Picking Rooster Studios

Production: Martin Jourdan JoMaJo Music

The CD impresses with its successful journey into different cultures and continents. Asian, African, Latin American, Arabic, Aboriginal ... and is fantastically accompanied by rhythms. Everything is not intrusive (as so often), but balanced staged with very own sound world. Highly interesting is also the intensive integration of natural sounds (sea noise, etc.) which is composed up to the direct dialogue of birdsong and the instruments.  "Udo Bauer"

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